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2009 Trek
22.5" Frame Size Only

One of America's best-selling hybrids, the Trek 7300 is truly a pleasure to ride.
If you are tall and looking for a great deal on a hybrid - look no further!

Reg $639.99






The Trek 7300 in Newport Blue/Silver.

 2009 Trek
 7200 WSD
Women's 16" Frame Size

Only two left of this popular
step-thru women's model.

Reg $539.99






The Trek 7200 in Eggplant

 2009 Trek

17.5" Frame Size Only

A beautiful, high quality bike for the price of a few trips to the gas pump with your SUV.

This is actually considered a 2010 model but we are no longer stocking this color.

Reg $439.99



The Trek 7100 in Root Beer/Ecru.

2009 Trek
Navigator 3.0 WSD

Women's 13.5" Frame Size Only

Last one in stock of our best-selling
2009 Comfort bike model.

Reg $569.99



The Trek Navigator 3.0 WSD in Chocolate.

2009 Trek 
Navigator 2.0
14.5" Frame Size Only

This is the exact same bike as the 2010 model. Only the color has changed.

Reg $439.99



The Trek Navigator 2.0 in Root Beer.

2008 Electra
Amsterdam Sport 

Ladies' Pre-Owned Bicycle

The Amsterdam Sport is super comfortable, requires little maintenence, and is surprisingly lightweight. This classy pre-owned bike was ridden fewer than six miles. 






The Electra Amsterdam Sport
in Eggshell. 

2009 Trek
 7.5 FX WSD
17" Women's Frame Size Only

This women's-specific bike is light, fast, rugged, and comortable. 
Oh - and it's also beautiful!
Reg $899.99



The Trek 7.5 FX WSD in Matte Black.

 2009 Trek
 Pure Sport
Men's Universal Size

Nice high Handlebars? Check!
Cushy wide seat? Check!
Feet reach the ground easily? Check!
Low gears for the hills? Check!

You've finally found your bike!

Reg $489.99




The Trek Pure Sport in Vineyard Red.

 Electra Deluxe Relic
One Left in Stock

This bike is so cool!  Electra designed it to look like a worn but well-preserved classic 50's cruiser with faded red and white paint and pre-distressed leather saddle and grips.

Reg $499.99


The Electra Deluxe Relic

Electra Indy
One left in stock

An instant classic!  Electra's talented designers gave this bike the look of an Indian motorcycle. 

Reg $689.99




The Electra Indy

Electra Delivery 3i
One left in stock

Another super-cool retro bike from Electra

Reg $759.99




 The Electra Delivery 3i

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